Friday, February 15, 2013

Mommy is my Best Role!

It is here!
It has been months since I have been considering starting a blog. Sharing with others the ups and downs of being a mommy seems only right. @Overtime Mama propmt me to get really serious about it. There is so much to talk about...where to even start???!? So many questions concerning motherhood race through my head days and often nights...As...why she does not sleep through the night? Is it good to be SOOOO attached to me? Are many other babies also not eating puréed food and scream when they see it even though they have loved it at the beginning?! Should I arrange my schedule around baby or baby's schedule around me??? I don't really have to have schedule as my most important responsibility is taking care of her...everything else can wait...So many questions!!!
Time goes by so quickly!
But one thing I know for sure: mother is my best role ever!

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