Saturday, February 16, 2013

Never say "NEVER" or baby may prove you wrong

I used to be one of those individuals that felt capable of giving parental advice on friends with children. For example when a friend told me that she is having issues with her daughter's screaming I felt knowledgeable enough to give her suggestions of what to do.... Sigh.... What have I been thinking?!??
So to prove me wrong life sent me lesson. One of the things I have sworn I would never do is to let my child sleep in the same bed with us... Well, you guess where I am headed, right??!? Our little one sleeps with us now pretty often. We never had the guts to let her cry so she can get used to sleep on her own. BUT I have to confess - I liked the feeling of having her close to me so I can make sure she is warm, well and even breathing... Sometimes I feel silly about that but can't help it and continue to take her little kicks, slaps and punches in the middle of the night with LOVE.
This past night she was not feeling well so having her close to me was natural. Feels good when I know that I am there for her and also she feels better.
Many mothers will support, many will say I am wrong, I know. In any case, just never say "never".

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  1. Baby snuggles in bed are the best <3
    It's awesome how we have instincts to follow, with what will work best for our babies :)