Monday, February 25, 2013

What I wish I knew and did not know about Breastfeeding

Did you know that stashing food for later consumption is common practice among many mammals and it used to be the primary mean of survival for humans in the past??? Considering that particular fruits and veggies were available only during a short season, our predecessors found ways to stock up for later. Well, you probably know all that... However, have you thought that even though we have moved past this stage, at least in this side of the world (having pretty much everything in the grocery stores or even fresh online), we still need to stash some absolutely necessary food supplies.... Anybody, feel where I am going?
I am talking about breast milk! The most nutritious, filled with antioxidants, cheap, reliable, readily available....just BEST, BEST food for our little miracles. I guess you can tell that I am over my head in excitement when it comes to Breastfeeding. And sure I am!
I have loved every second of my soon-to-be 10 months touching experience. What had started as uncertainty prior to baby's arrival, turned into fear of the unknown as let down surprisingly arrived one morning, transformed as the most natural, bonding, loving, relaxing, cuddling, memorable experience EVER!!!!
I have to share that prior to having our baby I did not know anything about Breastfeeding and decided to save our family some money and learn about it through Google, rather than going to a class. So, first article I stumbled upon was called "What I wish I knew about Breastfeeding".... Oh.My.Gosh!!! I read all this terrifying stories of moms with cracked and bleeding nipples, unable to latch on correctly and therefore screaming babies, variety of positions available and best one for you and your bundle of joy, as he/she could have preferences...etc...etc...etc... And I thought that you hold the baby in the cradle position, put her/him on the breast and ...that is all...Well, as most of you know, that is not nearly ALL! So I started worrying what kind of experience I will have and would I be able to fulfill my long-dreaded dream to breastfeed. But hold on... let's do not scare the inexperienced ones!!! My worries did not become reality! Let me explain. After the so called "let down" (when the actual milk came in), my Brest (I don't know why my iPhone keeps capitalizing Breast but I kind of like it...they are pretty important) was as hard as a wall, baby could not latch on, was hungry, I was terrified and both cried for...ugh, few days. Then I got the help of lactation consultant, realized that hot water is what moves the fluids out (helps the milk get pumped easily) and pumped often to relieve the uncomfortable feeling of fullness. I still recall the BF consultant' words at the first visit "I promise you, this is as hard as it gets! This is the worse!" And it was. After this first week of uncertainty things fell into place... And you can see that I got really good at pumping and stashing:

I have stashed all this milk because I thought I have to go back to work. Due to good luck or/and my wonderful husband, I am home (for now) with little one but have all this milk that is about to expire. I decided it is a shame to throw it away and wanted to donated it...only to find out that since I am from Bulgaria my milk is not accepted. What a shame?!! As you can see below, my milk was as good as it gets. Look at the proof:
Andrea 1 week old
Andrea 5 months old

At 5 months we introduced her to some food but until then it was just breastmilk. Just for the record!
Anyway... I am sure every mommy has her own story. If you want to share yours, go ahead - comment. We would love to read what you wish you have (not) known about Breastfeeding!

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  1. Have you tried signing up on If the NMB doesn't accept your milk, I'm sure other mommies and babies in need would gladly take it.