Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What is your number?

Despite the title, which may lead you to think about the popular movie with the cute Chris Evans, I mean number in terms of babies, not ....other numbers. I, personally, have always thought the bigger - the merrier. Well, that in case one can afford it, of course! But then I see people who, by no means, would be considered wealthy and they have 3, 4 or 5 children and appear pretty happy. Three or four seemed as nice number to me. It prompted me to think about cozy Christmas eves with lots of grandchildren, always having the holidays with some of the closest people... about having another "hope" if one of the children decides to turn away because of failed expectations ... You get my point! Kind of selfish, one may say?! May be...
Lately, however, after having our precious little daughter, who turned my world around and gave new meaning to life, I am thinking that ONE is not that bad number, after all. I guess, one can say that I got a bit scared or overwhelmed, or just that she is everything I want...or that her screaming, targeting our attention, fills the house in the perfect possible way ... ☺☺☺
I wonder when do families decide if it is time for second??? Plus I loved having sister and can site many benefits of raising more than one child...benefits for the children themselves, that is... I am wondering if it has to be financially backed up decision?! And then I have heard that if there are two babies in the house, the third one comes into place easily.
Still, ONE makes me pretty happy right now 😍!!
What Is Your Number?

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